5 Soccer Moves to Learn

Today I’ve compiled a list of 5 soccer moves to learn, so that you can take small steps to improving your performance by having greater skill and running rings round defenders! With each skill I’ve included some tips for pulling that move off effectively, and a video so that you can see it in action. Keep your eyes open, as you may see some players you recognize below!

Once you’ve watched and read about these tricks, be sure to go out and put them into practice. Plus, in the comment section at the end of this article, I’d love to hear what your favourites are and how you got on. Good luck!

1. The Step Over

The step over has famously been performed by the Brazilian striker Ronaldo who has played for such clubs as Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Barcelona. It has proven highly effective, as the video below shows, for bewitching defenders and gaining an extra yard in order to get a shot away at goal. Beyond getting space, though, it can also be used to change direction. Start by standing still and looping one foot over the ball. Then move the ball with the outside of your other foot to move fowards. Once you’ve mastered it, you can do the same process whilst dribbling slowly. Finally, try performing the same skill whilst dribbling at pace. The video should help with this:

NB: There are other variations of this type of move performed by players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, which invole you dragging your foot over the ball then letting it roll underneath your other leg.

2. The Cruyff Turn

The Cruyff turn is one of my favourite soccer moves to learn for an outfield player. It allows you to change direction whilst dribbling with the ball. Simply lift your kicking foot over the ball, twist it and wrap it around the ball. Drag the ball back with the inside of your foot, twisting 180 degrees. Turn quickly so you are now facing the other direction, with a helpful yard on the defender so you can get in a cross or pass. Here it is in action:

3. The Drag Back

This is a bit easier to learn and perform than the others. It simply involves you placing your foot on the top of the ball, and rolling your foot backwards. Turn your body 180 degrees so that you are now facing in the opposite direction with the ball under your control. Possible uses of this are to turn away from a defender, or to change direction only. Alternatively, you do not even have to change direction at all, as you can just pull the ball back then move on. This video demonstrates the drag back WITHOUT¬† a change of direction. And…it’s from PES 2008!

4. The Maradonna

The Maradonna move, also known as the 360 because you turn in a full circle, is another very useful trick for getting round defenders. As you are dribbling place one foot on top of the ball, spin your body round and drag the ball back with your trailing foot as you move round. This will likely dazzle the defender and give you a free route through his line. The video below is very quick so you may have to watch it quite a few times, and then practice the move a lot to get it right. (Oddly, it is not Mardona below though)

5. Back Heel

The back heel is more a method of kicking the ball than a typical move like the others on this list, but nonetheless it can look just as good when performed well. You can use this skill to pass or to score and it simply involved letting the ball travel past your front leg before flicking it with your back foot. Below is a video of Kanu (ex Arsenal) pulling this off perfectly- it will take a lot of watching and practice to try and replicate though I warn! This is amazing…

The desire to learn soccer moves is evidently a popular one because- as you saw in the above videos- they can make your game seem more stylish and flash. This is certainly useful and can help you beat defenders, but always remember to only perform these moves where it will have some benefit: try not to perform them in matches if purely for the sake of looking good! More important is to get all the other basic soccer skills right, and you can read more about these in my dedicated section on that topic… just click here to learn more.

Nevertheless, having soccer moves to learn is still a great way to accelerate your development- particularly if you are an attacking player. I hope you have enjoyed discovering them, and wish you all the best of luck in putting them into action. Try to model yourself on the pro’s in this video so that your technique can match theirs. This is a sure fire way to improve, and you’ll soon have all your team mates drooling at your sublime skill!

Have fun,

Soccer Geek

P.S: Why not share what you thought of these skills in the comment section at the end of this post?