New Photos of the Emirates Stadium

Recently I went on a tour of what could be London’s greatest soccer stadium,Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, and brought a load of new photos of the Emirates Stadium back to show you. Of course I have been to see matches there before, but it was great to access the aeas I haven’t seen before and to learn lots of random things about how the club is run. So with each relevant photo, I’ll try to share a few of these nuggets of info with you.

Previously I had been on a tour of the old Highbury stadium, now turned into nice appartments, and this had far more history obviously. But in terms of its spectacular appearence and state of the art facilities, the Emirates in unmatched. It holds a capacity crowd of just over 60,000 people which, although a good size, is less than other top stadiums- so the club has gone for quality over quantity. So sit back and enjoy these bits of info and of course the new photos of the Emirates Stadium

The Directors’ Area

The Emirates stadium is full of messages which show off Arsenal’s greatness over and above the opposition team. At the Directors’ Entrance the statue of Arsene Wenger is no different for it glorifies the legendary manager- and remember that the away team directors enter here too!

Arsene Wenger statue

And next we come to the Directors’ Box itself, with incredibly comfortable seating and a magnificent pitch view. It also comes with an exclusive lounge and champagne bar!

Directors' Box at the Emirates Stadium

And finally we arrive at that pitch view (the best from anywhere in the stadium) so embrace the sight…

Emirates Pitch View

The Players’ Area

Here is the fascinating part of the stadium- the differences between the two players’ areas (for the home and away teams) give Arsenal an immense psychological advantage over the opposition before a match even starts. Not only do the opposition players have to walk through a tunnel of Arsenal pictures en route to the dressing rooms, but these dressing rooms themselves are packed with subtle features to unsettle the enemy of the day.

Firstly, the Arsenal room has a lucky horse shoe shape, where as the away team gets the edgy atmosphere of a square. In the centre of the away changing room is a very tall work bench so disrupt communication across the room. What’s more, the Arsenal changing room has a special non-slip flooring to prevent accidents, but the away team have to suffer a shiny, plastic surface! These subliminal features all combine to indicate Arsenal’s superiority and are just one intelligent part of the stadium’s grand design.

Before showing you some of the special features which are exclusive to Arsenal, here are a few snaps of the player shirts laid out as they would be on match day. Below each shirt is a medical cushion so the Arsenal team can be kind to their behind!

Almunia Arsenal shirt

Fabregas Arsenal Shirt

Walcott Arsenal Shirt

Van Persie Arsenal Shirt

Now this next image shows you the physiotherapy room at Arsenal, where the players can receive treatment or a massage after a heavy game…

Arsenal Physiotherapy Room

And finally for the players’ area is the hydrotherapy pool, exclusive to the Arsenal changing room, in which players can be massaged by jets of water for when they need some relaxation. They are forbidden to use this before or during a match though, as it would be to the detriment of their performance.

Arsenal Hydrotherapy Pool

The Press Area

The following shot is of the press conference room at Arsenal, where Wenger and others would give post-match interviews to the written press. Wenger speaks six languages, but in case there’s a question he doesn’t understand there is an interpreter terminal at the back of the room.

Arsenal Press Conference Room

Arsenal have been awarded the status as having the best press facilities in the UK for two years running. This may partly be because they give free lunch to the journalists in the cafe, but also because of the huge array of terminals where media personnel can get the internet and phone connection with which to work.

Arsenal Press Room

And there are some facilities for journalists to relax…

Arsenal Press Lounge

The Arsenal Museum

I’ve just included some snaps from the Arsenal museum purely for their interest and inspirational value. They may not be a spectacular pitch view, but I find them fascinating because geeks like me LOVE museums! First up, some signed soccer gear from the Arsenal legendgoalkeeper David Seaman…

David Seaman signed soccer gear

Here’s a photo of a photo of the Arsenal women’s team (the UK’s best women’s team and formerly managed by the Arsenal kit manager Vic Akers). These are their multiple winnings- far better than the men’s team have done in recent years…

Arsenal ladies photo

Now this photo below is when I per chance bumped into Mr Wenger!! …Ok so I didn’t actually meet him- it’s another photo of a photo- but wasn’t it worth a try?

Image of Arsene Wenger

This next quote embodies the Arsenal way of playing soccer – to win and score goals, but not just in any old fashion. Arsenal football (soccer) has graced the premiership for years under Wenger and I can honestly say they are one of the most fluent and stylish outfits in the world- perhaps only matched by Barcelona in terms of their style of play. This quote I feel sums up Wenger’s philosophy. Here goes:

Wenger quote with Henry picture

Meanwhile, I had to include the following photo in my list from the museum. It appeals to my geeky academic tendencies you see and relates to soccer: it’s right up my street!

Arsene Wenger quote about Tony Adams

So that’s all my new photos of the Emirates stadium. I hope you liked them and that it gives you a taste of some of the wonderful features at hand. The stadium holds a little over 60,000 people which, although sizeable, is not as great as Manchester United. Arsenal have therefore gone for quality over quantity and have made sure that the fans, directors and members all get great facilities.

This was truly a great tour, so if you live in the UK really do invite you to go along which you can do directly from the website.

Have fun,

Soccer Geek



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