Inspirational Soccer Quotes

If you’re a soccer fan whose needing some motivation then you’re in the right place, because here we’ve got a list of inspirational soccer quotes. These quotations encourage a winning mentality and help to push you forward to developing a succesful mindset for soccer. The following words are from some truly great players and managers, and their advice is very valuable. If you’ve got any extras you’d like to add, or wish to share your thoughts, then feel free to leave a comment at the end. Here we go:


There is no disgrace in wanting to win, but it has to be done- the right way- within the spirit of football (soccer)” (Arsene Wenger)

Good players never want to sit on the bench as substitutes” (Marc Overmars)

Playing every week helps any player improve their game” (John Hartson)

Everyone feels pressure. It’s a question of who can handle it, sticking together and fighting it out. You’ve got to win the battles in the game and let the skill come out” (Sol Campbell)

You’ve got to respect every team you play, because many countries can play out of their skins if your underestimate them” (Sol Campbell)

The desire to carry on winning keeps you sharp. Winning trophies becomes a habit and one you don’t want to break” (Roy Keane)

No-one remembers the losers- you’ve got to get your hands on that trophy” (Roy Keane)

I love winning and any team I’m on, I expect to win” (Landon Donovan)

If you’re not up, if you’re not ready to perform, you’re not going to win” (Kasey Keller)

If I give you a good wine, you will see how it tastes and after you ask where it comes from” (Arsene Wenger)

When you sign a contract to play football professionally, part of that agreement should be an undertaking to be a positive role model” (Brad Friedel)

Most of us are here for more than just playing soccer. We’re in it for the bigger goal, to move it along for the next generation” (Landon Donovan)


That’s the end of this list of inspirational soccer quotes, I hope you enjoyed it!

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