Funny Soccer Team Names

Today I’d like to share a list of funny soccer team names with you. The compilation includes some amusing names of actual clubs, as well as made-up puns based on real-world clubs and possible fantasy football team names. I hope you like the post and find some of the titles most entertaining. Here goes…

Factual: Actual Club Names

These ones don’t need any puns to be funny or strange: they do it all by themselves!


Young Boys


Naughty Boys

Deportivo Wanka

Joe Public

SC Feucht


Botswana Meat Commission FC

Avispa Fukuoka

Hallelujah FC (no longer operative)

King Faisal Babes

Playtime Tigers

Semen Padang

Wankie FC

KFC Winterslag

Deportivo Moron

Puns & Fantasy Team Names

Just a few of these – feel free to add your own in the comments section at the end…

Sons of Pitches

Multiple Scorgasms

Right Back on the Bench

Left Back in the Changing Room

Air Conditioned FC (they have the best fans)

Fictional: Bad Puns on Real Club Names

Take a look at these often terrible but sometimes fairly amusing puns…

Deportivo Lack a Rooney

Man Chest Hair United

Man Chest Hair City


Unreal Madrid

Real Ale Madrid

Sporting Lesbian

Totti Hots Purr

Red Star Bellend

Chicago on Fire

Black Burn Rollers

Bayern Neverlusen

Liver Pool

Unathletic Madrid

Spaghetti Bologna

North Queensland Ferry

Outer Milan

New Cattle United

Arse ‘n’ Nail

The Love Gunners

Contact Lens



So Hot!

Nancy Boy

No Sunderland

Get A Cafe

Paris Ain’t German

My Yorker

Milk Schalke

Frank Fart

Two Loos

To Lose

FC Buy a Tunic

Case of Ale

Athletic Bilbo Baggins

Kaiser Slaughter

For Your Retina


Real Social Dad



Not Nice

Crocodile Dundee United

CFC Cologne

Serviette FC

You Are a Red Diamond

St. Helen Mirren

SV Herder Bremen?

Kill Marnock


Thanks for reading my compilation of funny soccer team names. Which do you think is the best or most amusing name from the list above? Do you have any additions to the post? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Cheers!

Have fun,

Soccer Geek


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