50 Most Popular Soccer Club Websites

Hopefully you’ve all been having fun this summer doing interesting things like going out and having holidays etc. I’ve done a bit of that too, but I also recently spent hours on end indoors rummaging round internet stats… fun times! Anyway, with my findings I compiled a list of the 50 most popular soccer club websites in the world.

And how did I work this out? I went to a little site called ‘Alexa’ (the web information company run by Amazon) and looked at their traffic rankings for all the world’s major soccer clubs. The Alexa ranking system isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly the best system that’s currently available as a common way to measure all sites. Whilst my research encompassed hundreds of sites, I’ve narrowed it down and listed the 50 most trafficked soccer club websites below. So below you’ll find an image of my original list.

You’ll notice that all MLS clubs have been left off because they are all centralised on the same major website so they all have the same traffic ranking. Similarly, a number of English clubs have been left off because they are all served by the same company and all have the same ranking again. Most clubs were ok to go, though- luckily!

I’m pleased to say that the team I support (Arsenal) is in the world’s top 5! So where does your team rank and do they beat their rivals online? If you’re into stats and soccer like me, then why not read the whole table below and find out? Then, feel free to share what you think with a comment below…

club alexa rank 1st ten 1club alexa rank 2nd ten 1club alexa rank 2nd ten 2club alexa rank 4th ten 1club alexa rank 5th ten 1

Well I hope that your team did well and you found that quite fascinating! The rankings used here can be found for all websites not just soccer ones. So if you want to see what any website is like in terms of popularity, then you can install the Alexa toolbar and it will share the stats with you for free while you surf the web. I have this toolbar and I love it! So if you want easy access to these great stats all the time click here to visit Alexa.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed my list of the 50 most popular soccer club websites in the world. Manchester United win again. Maybe one day someone will overtake them, but until then..

Have fun,

Soccer Geek