Arsene Wenger Quotes About Football

Welcome to another collection of Arsene Wenger quotes about football. Though perhaps not as enigmatic and metaphorical with his comments as someone like Jose Mourinho, Wenger has nonetheless produced some rather strange comments in the past. Here is a brief overview of some of the best of them. Enjoy… “I banned the players from stuffing [...]

Memorable Soccer Quotes

Welcome to this small collection of memorable soccer quotes, including a few comments about refereeing and club chairmen as well as some more generic quotations about football and sport. In order to live up to the title of this post, why not try memorising these quotes and reproducing them at opportune moments in daily conversation? [...]

Steve Coppell Quotes

Here’s a short list of Steve Coppell quotes about various aspects of soccer, including referees, getting into Europe and being a manager. He is certainly a figure who has offered the odd colourful comment in past interviews, so here are just a few of our favourites from his remarks. Enjoy! If you want to sleep, [...]

Ian Holloway Quotes

This post of Ian Holloway quotes confirms what we all expected, that he has surely got to be one of the funniest football managers in history. Some of his sayings are dazzlingly original and completely hilarious, so this list just provides a few of our favourites. Here we go… “I couldn’t be more chuffed if [...]

Mia Hamm Timeline

This article provides you with a Mia Hamm timeline to document the life and achievements of a female sporting icon. If you want a quicker read than the more detailed mini-biography of Mia Hamm on this site, then just skim through the chronological list below for an easy introduction to her career. 1972: Born in [...]

Mia Hamm Biography

This post takes you through a Mia Hamm biography, narrating the life of the former American women’s soccer player who was a true legend on the pitch and a great philanthropist off the field, whilst being an inspirational role model for young female athletes across the USA and around the world. She is the highest [...]

Nice Football Quotes

Welcome to this set of ridiculous, nonsensical and nice football quotes, presenting an amusing yet fairly tame and relatively tasteful side of the beautiful game. Soccer is a great sport, and here are some of its coolest quotations… “He’s such an honest player it’s untrue” (Brian Little) “Players complain about playing too many games, but one [...]

David Pleat Quotes

This brief list of David Pleat quotes shows that he is no stranger to the odd silly soccer phrase. Of course, as always with these sorts of quotes, people are really a bit unfair by taking things out of context. Nonetheless, these are quite funny and make for fairly entertaining reading so here goes… “I [...]

Most Stupid Football Quotes

This post sets out a number of the most stupid football quotes ever uttered. Of course there are far too many stupid soccer quotations for this list to be remotely comprehensive, since soccer players are not known for being the brightest sparks, but here are a few of our favourite silly comments for you to [...]

Michael Owen Quotes

Here are some cool Michael Owen quotes about football. He was a wonderful player whose career was impeded by terrible injury problems. Now let’s celebrate some of the ridiculous things he has said, in a nice way of course. Enjoy this brief list of some good quotes from a brilliant striker. “I don’t want to [...]